9 Everyday Distractions that are holding you back

9 Everyday Distractions that are holding you back


Distractions are a part of all our lives. While we can’t avoid them all, how well we deal with them, in general, is often a key indicator of our success. While distractions are often different for each of us, some common distractions tie us all together. These everyday distractions don’t just impact our focus; they can sap our energy as well. Below are nine different distractions that we should all try to avoid.


1. Social Media

Social Media has become a part of most of our lives. While it isn’t all bad, it is certainly a distraction for many. How often have you checked social media

quickly, only to end up scrolling for an hour? On top of that, it has a way of making us feel like we aren’t living up to other’s expectations.


2. Regrets

How often do you find yourself looking back at something with regret? Do you ever wish you had made a major decision differently? Maybe it’s something

simpler like wishing you had a snappier comeback in your last argument. Regardless of the severity, wasting time worrying about the past isn’t helping you move forward.


3. Grudges

While you may have very good reasons for the grudges you hold, they are still an energy-wasting distraction. A grudge is just engaging your negative

thinking. It’s hard to focus when you are too worried about what someone did to you in the past. If they did something truly unforgettable, the best revenge you can get is to forget about them altogether.


4. Toxic Relationships

There is almost nothing more distracting in life than spending time with toxic people. These people not only try to monopolize your time, but they also make you feel horrible. If you have a one-sided toxic relationship in your life, consider cutting ties so you can focus fully on your goals.


5. Pursuit of Perfection

The idea of perfection is a dangerous distraction. When you pursue perfection, you might not feel distracted since you are still working towards something.

The problem is, you are working towards something that does not exist (perfection). This pointless pursuit is distracting you from moving on and focusing on more important goals.


6. The Thoughts of Others

Why are we so bothered by what other people think? So often, we change our behavior because we are worried about what other people will think. Constantly worrying about other people is unbelievably distracting. You can’t focus on what you want to do when you are too worried about what random people think.


7. Poor Boundaries

If you aren’t setting proper boundaries with people, you are assuredly going to be distracted. When you don’t set proper boundaries, people will have no problem infringing on your time and energy. Learn when and how to say “no” more often.


8. The Promise of Tomorrow

Having goals and a plan for the future is a powerful step towards success. However, getting lost in the promise of tomorrow can have the opposite effect. If you are too focused on the future, you will be distracted from everything happening right now. Plan for the future, but stay in the present.


9. Negative Thinking

Negative thoughts might be the most toxic distraction of all. When you engage in negative thinking, you are wasting both time and energy. Negative thinking will distract you from all the positive things happening in your life. If you catch yourself constantly thinking negatively, you need to find a way to change that.




1. Brainstorm a list of all of your distractions. Take 15 minutes or so to list all of the distractions in your life that come to mind.


2. Track your distractions. You probably won’t be able to remember all of your distractions, so keep a notebook handy and jot down any other distractions as they happen.


3. Choose the distraction(s) that affect you the most and develop a plan to overcome them.



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