Marketing Solutions that convert into $ales.

Marketing and sales strategies that work for all businesses





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Do You Stuggle To:

 Find the right words that make people want to buy?

 Set a marketing budget that makes sense?

 Create & execute a marketing strategy that works?

 Bridge the gap between marketing & sales to win more business?



Laser Focused Messaging
Clarify your message and communicate clearly with the power of story.


Create Great Marketing
Building a strategy that delivers results does not have to be complicated or cost a fortune. Whether you need a new website, a social media strategy, a sales funnel, email marketing, digital media or all of the above we’ll help you create a budget & a plan that work for you.


Win More Business
100% of results are driven by 100% execution. We help you win more business with sales and marketing execution that work in the background while you focus on running your business. We execute so you don’t have to.

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We get it – marketing can be hard but it doesn’t have to be.

We get it – marketing can be hard but it doesn’t have to be.

Meet Your Business Guides

Marty Martinez

Marty Martinez
Special Operations Airborne Ranger, Retired Field Grade Officer, Works with bigger strategic planning; dealt with 130k+ across multiple countries

James Felts

James Felts
Retired Field Grade Officer, Ranger, Works directly in operations, training, etc; dealt with 400-600 people

Packages & Pricing

The Fundamentals Package

  • A StoryBrand Playbook
  • BrandScript
  • One Liner
  • A Tag Line
  • A Lean Canvas Business

Scale Package

  • A StoryBrand Playbook
  • A Website Wireframe

  • A Lead Generating pdf

  • Story Branded Pitch deck

Comprehensive funnel Package

  • Basic Plus and
  • Interior Web Page Copy
    (4 Pages)
  • Email Campaign Model
    • 5 x Sales Framework
    • 5 x Nurture Framework

How It Works

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1. Call us
We like to get to know you. This starts with a deep dive into your business structure, revenue streams, clients, and value proposition in order find the perfect words to articulate a unique message that is clear, authentic, and effective.

Notebook with Toolls and Notes about Marketing Strategy,concept

2. Get A Plan
Once we have the messaging foundation built we work with you to understand your budget and design a plan to roll out the messaging in a way that works best for you. We can either do the work for you or hand it off to your team to execute.

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3. Grow Your Business
Whether it’s just a message and a website or a full-blown strategy, we’re here to make sure it meets your expectations. We pride ourselves on paying close attention to our clients and their results, partnering in their growth for the long haul to grow and scale their business.

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